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Eden Day Care Service

Why Day Care?

Adult day care offers daily activities for seniors. Not only do the seniors thrive in an atmosphere that offers mental stimulation and social interaction, their caregivers have the opportunity for a much-needed rest. Adult day care can be a social event, but for those who need physical therapy and other medication attention, an Adult Day Center might be a better option.


Provides a caring place for senior adults while their family is at work 

Social Interaction

Feelings of isolation can quickly lead to depression. Adult day care provides the stimulation your loved one needs in order to feel like a productive, active member of society.


Depending upon the services provided, adult day care can cost less than any other care services. 


For those persons eligible, the entire program cost may be covered by Medicaid, Managed Health Plan, VA, or LTC Insurances. A sliding scale fee is charged to participants who are not covered by Medicaid (Private Pay).

  • Please call our Center Licensed Medical Insurance Worker at 703-989-8157 to discuss payment options.

Types of Care

Basic adult day care offers socialization, basic meals and snacks, and a change of pace. Our center focuses on the cultural care names 'KORI CARE' for Korean adults.


Those who cannot be left at home alone can have the daytime supervision they need in adult day care.

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